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Artificial Green Wall Disc Art 80cm Mixed Fern (Onyx Black)

Artificial Green Wall Disc Art 80cm Mixed Fern (Onyx Black)

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Make a statement with this amazing looking circular green walls.

  • Stunning bespoke & handmade green wall circles.
  • Each disk is the creation of hours of work; hand inserting individual plants into weather proof foam encased in a stunning metal disk in either white or black.
  • There will be some natural variation between each disk due to the hand made nature of the product, however, they all have the same number of plants and the same kind of each plant.

Stunning 80cm (diameter) Artificial Plant Mixed Fern Wall Disks This is the next generation in artificial plants. Exceptionally high quality artificial plant disks are the perfect addition to any wall or office area to create a WOW effect. Simply attach to any wall and you have a stunning vertical garden bordered by a high quality metal disk (choose either black or white). These fabulous looking decorative disks can be used to enhance any wall or even as a centrepiece on a table to add greenery that won’t die. The disk is reasonably light-weight (around 8kg). If you have any questions please make contact so we can provide advice on the recommend fixing approach. Want to use these disks outside, and extend their life, grab yourself a UV Spray Protector (Made in Australia & Non Toxic).

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1 x Artificial Green Wall Disc Art 80cm Mixed Fern (Onyx Black)

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