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Eco-Home Safe Artificial Plant Cleaner 1L (1000ml)

Eco-Home Safe Artificial Plant Cleaner 1L (1000ml)

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This Australian made artificial plant cleaner is the perfect product for maintaining, enhancing and cleaning your fake plants. The specially formulated cleanser is made with natural oils which clean while protecting the leaves and foliage of the plants.

Completely biodegradable and not tested on Animals this is the perfect choice for enhancing your artificial plants.

Eco-home safe artificial plant cleaner provides a specially formulated product that cleanses, cleans and removes dust and debris from your artificial plant. Perfect for silk plants, plastic plants and cloth based fake plants, this cleaner with natural and essential oils made in Australia is your go to product for cleaning your plants.

The product has been designed with nature in mind: no animal testing, grey water friendly, and biodegradable.

This bulk buy plant cleaner is the best value for money when cleaning vertical gardens, artificial green walls or fake plants en-mass.


Cleans dust and debris off your plants
Does not yellow
Australian made and designed
Specially formulated artificial plant cleaner

Package Content:

1 x Eco-Home Safe Artificial Plant Cleaner 1L (1000ml)

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