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Flowering Pink Artificial Camellia Tree 180cm

Flowering Pink Artificial Camellia Tree 180cm

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An elegant and beautiful tree that will blossom with stunning pink flowers 365 days a year. Made with the highest quality materials you’ll love the stunning life-like nature of this faux flowering tree.

Permanent evergreen leaves & flowers

Highest quality foliage

Instant beautification for indoors

Artificial Flowering Pink Camellia Tree (simply stunning)

Camellia trees are known for their beautiful flowers even in the depths of winter when most gardens are bare. They are a favourite amongst the blooming plants for their natural beauty and a stunning pink flower will never go amiss. Emulating nature; this artificial Camellia tree will bring a touch of sophistication to it’s surrounded with simple and elegant flowers that blend effortlessly with the evergreen leaves. The captivating pink petals are real to the touch to create a striking yet beautiful blooming plant that will never die.

Benefits of your artificial camellia tree

Perfect for ‘potting’ into any decorative pot

A superior life-like appearance that will captivate those who view it

Provides an evergreen setting with striking elegant flowers

Extremely dense and lifelike in appearance

Low maintenance – no watering, trimming or spraying required


Weight: approx 6kg

Pot Size: 13cm high x 17cm across

Usage: Indoor or limited outdoor usage with UV Protection Spray.

Package Content

1x Flowering pink artificial camellia tree

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