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Hydraulic Crane 900kg Pickup Swivel Ute Truck Trailer Lift Hoist Winch Haul

Hydraulic Crane 900kg Pickup Swivel Ute Truck Trailer Lift Hoist Winch Haul

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Are you looking for a Pickup Crane? We have the most durable and sturdy Swivel Pickup Crane.

The Tradesman pickup crane is a hydraulically operated lifting crane with a swivel function and is used to load and unload truck beds or for moving loads. You can quickly and efficiently carry out numerous lifting tasks with its maximum capacity of 2000LBS (900kg). Thus, it is an efficient aid for nearly all lifting operations up to 0.9 tons - whether at home or on smaller construction sites.

The crane can be easily mounted on almost any solid surface. It can be mounted on the loading bed of your vehicle or trailer and used wherever your vehicle stands. Depending on the crane's adjustment, the lifting capacity is 225 kg (extended) or a max of 900 kg (retracted).

With the steel chain and the loading hook attached to the crane, loads can be picked up directly from the ground and lifted to 1900 mm (hook height). The robust hand winch and the rotary tower support you with a 360° swiveling range – even at full load.

UTE Cranes Features

  • Load capacity up to 900 kg
  • 360° rotating ring
  • Crane arm two times adjustable
  • Loading hook with chain
  • Collapsible

Hydraulic Crane Lift Specifications

  • Total height from the ground: 215 cm
  • Cable length of the winds: 9.5 m / rope size: 5 mm
  • Base mounting plate: 27 x 27 cm. with eight mounting holes
  • Maximum opening of large hooks: 20 mm
  • Maximum opening of small hooks: 23 mm
  • Load arm length: min 100 cm / max. 140 cm
  • 2-stage adjustable load arm: 450/900 kg

In the Box:
1 - Pickup Crane set
1 - Manual

Our pickup utility crane is portable, allowing one person to lift engines, heavy items, etc., efficiently. You can easily mount this crane folding on your truck, providing easy loading and unloading. The pickup crane is manually operated.

Lift items from the ground to truck bed height and rotate into the cargo area. The manual hydraulic pump pivots up and down, including a telescopic boom design. The maximum cable length winds up to 9.5m, making pickup up below the truck easier.

This machine lifts heavy items and moves them with great accuracy into a new position. The essential parts are the length of the cable, long arm, and means of moving the load around.

This pulley system machine is functional when you have nobody around to help you in hoisting heavy loads. Our crane is equipped with a hydraulic jack and a cable hoist which is usually faster at lifting a load.

The robust hydraulic crane is an ideal choice compatible with lifting engines from vehicles in the workshop. High-quality steel construction ensures its excellent durability and long service life span. Convenient and practical for auto repair shops, workshops, warehouses, wharves, the construction industry and etc.

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