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Large Artificial Hanging Basket (Fern Hanging Basket)

Large Artificial Hanging Basket (Fern Hanging Basket)

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Quickly & easily create a stunning impactful vertical garden with a range of beautiful hanging ferns and a contemporary hanging basket. Whether you simply want to bring the ‘outdoors’ in, or are looking to enhance your outlook these large hanging plant baskets are the perfect choice. The stunning artificial ferns adorn the basket and captivate onlookers. This beautiful hanging fern baskets comes with a large 48cm diameter hanging basket.
✔️ Aesthetically Appealing And Natural Looking
✔️ Indoor & Outdoor Suitable
✔️ Low Maintenance | Easy to Hang

Large Artificial Fern Hanging Basket (Outdoor Suitable)
There truly is nothing better than looking out onto a stunning green oasis! The calming impact and evergreen nature soothes the soul and relaxes the mind. With this superb large hanging basket you will enjoy both tranquility and more time to enjoy for yourself. Never worry about watering, fertilizing or replacing dead ferns again. Made with high quality foliate, and weather proof chain this is the perfect answer to your greenery needs.

Details of the large artificial fern hanging basket
48CM Diameter (pot) | 35CM Height without Chain | 60CM Height with Chain
Weight: Approximately 1kg
Usage: Outdoor (UV Resistant) or Indoor Cleaning: Use water or artificial plant cleaner

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