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Osram PlantaStar 400W HPS lamp for Indoor Plant Lighting

Osram PlantaStar 400W HPS lamp for Indoor Plant Lighting

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Osram PlantaStar 400W HPS lamp

The Osram PlantaStar 400W 240V HPS lamp is tailored specifically for horticulture, particularly indoor grow areas. With a spectral range around 2000°K in the red region it is perfectly suited for the flowering phase. In contrast to conventional HPS lamps Plantastar lamps possess a broader light spectrum that results in shorter production times, healthier plants and improved CO2 assimilation.

For optimal outcomes it is recommended to replace the bulbs every 9-12 months.


  • Designed to match the photosynthesis absorption spectrum
  • Accelerates and enhances flower blossom quality
  • Consistent photon stream
  • High light output, up to 141 lm/W
  • Durable, shock-resistant construction with an elastic housing for the burner
  • Corrosion-resistant socket suitable for use in a humid environment.
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