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600w HPS Grow Light Kit with Osram Bulb and 900mm Deep Bowl Reflector

600w HPS Grow Light Kit with Osram Bulb and 900mm Deep Bowl Reflector

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6000w HPS Grow Light Kit | Osram Plantastar Bulb + 900mm Deep Bowl + Ballast

Looking for an efficient and powerful lighting solution for your indoor garden? Look no further than the 600w HPS Grow Light Kit, featuring an Osram Plantastar Bulb, a 900mm Deep Bowl Reflector and a reliable ballast.

The high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb delivers intense light output, providing the necessary spectrum of light for robust plant growth and development. The Osram Plantastar bulb is specially designed to maximize photosynthesis and stimulate healthy plant growth resulting in vibrant and healthy plants.

The 900mm deep bowl reflector ensures maximum light coverage, directing the light precisely where it's needed and reducing the risk of hotspots. The sturdy construction and high quality materials used in the reflector ensure that it will last for years to come.

The ballast included in the kit is designed to regulate the electrical current and ensure stable operation of the bulb. It features high quality components, ensuring reliable performance and preventing damage to the bulb.

Whether you're growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers, the 600w HPS Grow Light Kit is the perfect choice for your indoor garden. With its efficient and reliable design you can be confident that your plants will receive the optimal light they need to thrive.

The grow light kit includes:

  • 1X 600 watt hps ballast
  • 1X 900mm deep bowl reflector
  • 1X 600 watt Osram Plantastar bulb

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