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Home Safe Artificial Plants UV Spray Protector 1 Litre

Home Safe Artificial Plants UV Spray Protector 1 Litre

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High-Quality Outdoor Sun Protection Spray | UV Outdoor Furniture and Fake Plant Protection Spray – Australian Made.

Designer Plants UV protector leads the industry in providing heavy-duty, and easy to apply UV protection for artificial plants, green walls, floral arrangements & homewares.
✔️ Quick & Easy To Apply
✔️ Heavy Duty And Long-lasting
✔️ Eco-friendly And Nontoxic Green Wall, Plant & Furniture Protector.

This Australian made UV protection spray is a high quality & well-well engineered product designed to spray on and dry clear to outdoor furniture & fake plants to protect them from the harsh Australian sun. It is as easy as spraying and waiting for it to dry (dries clear on most surfaces) – patch application recommended for furniture.
If you’ve purchased non-UV protected artificial plants or lower quality fake plants from a local dollar shop or hardware store, you may want to consider using our artificial plants UV spray for added protection.

What is the UV Home Safe spray / UV Home Safe Sun Protection Spray?
Superlast UV is a clear zero voc waterborne acrylic, an electrometric membrane is formulated as a clear product
that provides superb sealing and protection qualities for all ornamental and decorative materials including plastics and
fabrics; including fake plants, green walls, floral arrangements, and topiary protection.
It penetrates deep into the surface and adds flexibility, strength, easy maintenance. It enhances colour, protects
against fading and ageing and keeps the dust down while forming a durable waterproofed chemical and abrasion resistant
surface. Use Superlast UV where the natural colour is to be preserved and the life of the materials and products are to be

Super Last UV Protection Spray for Outdoor Furniture & Artificial Plants:
• Protects surface against efflorescence
• Ultraviolet, heat and stain resistant
• Does not yellow with age
• Non-toxic and odour free

Where the natural features and colour are to be preserved, maintenance made easier and the life prolonged.
• Hotel or office plastic floral or interior design features
• Fabrics such as curtains, or outdoor couches
• Timber products
• Terracotta or equivalent

Preparation hints:
Remove dust, oil, grease, form the surface, it can be sprayed, wiped or where possible dipped (for intricate
surfaces such as leaves. Where dipping is used, hang and allow drying naturally for best results. Alternatively, use the spray nozzle and spray with a mist until covered.

Technical info:
Storage conditions: Room (moderate) temperature, tightly closed (sealed)
Colours: Colourless
Gloss: Semi-gloss or Satin
Spreading Rate: 10-15m²per litre (one coat depending on substrate)

Clean up:
Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use and ensure any fake plants are clean and free from dust.
Storage Keep containers well sealed and store at moderate temperatures
Note: Patch testing is required – and we cannot guarantee it will suit all materials. Do not drink or consume or spray on people / animals.

Package Content:
1 x Home Safe Artificial Plants & Furniture UV Protection Spray 1 Litre

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