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Money Plant (Aureus) - 155cm

Money Plant (Aureus) - 155cm

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A stunning artificial plant that has great coverage and is perfect for an office environment, or modern home.
It has wide green leaves with great coverage. Trunk covered with natural plant fur. A high quality, highly realistic artificial money plant.
✔️ Highest Quality Artificial Plants Available (UV Certified)
✔️ Superior Engineered & Designed Commercial Grade System
✔️ Perfect Decoration To Your Home, Office Or Shop

Money plants are a funky way to liven up your living space.
This Dracaena will certainly make the perfect addition to any walkway, office or shopping center.

Colour: Varied Green leaves.
Pot: basic plastic pot included 20cm W x 17cm H
Size: 155cm.
Use: Indoors.

Package Content:
1 x Money Plant (Aureus) - 155cm

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